Embark on an extended photographic journey with our exclusive 8-hour package, meticulously crafted to capture the richness and depth of your special occasion. Ideal for a variety of grand events, we ensure comprehensive coverage from the first rays of anticipation to the final dance of celebration. Seamlessly transitioning between moments, locations, and emotions, this photography odyssey transforms your day into a visual masterpiece, preserving every detail in stunning clarity

Recommended Events:
Weddings: Capture every nuance of your wedding day, from the intimate ceremony to the lively reception, with ample time for intricate details and candid moments.
Large Corporate Galas: Ensure comprehensive coverage of your corporate event, covering keynote speeches, networking sessions, and various happenings throughout the day.
Cultural Extravaganzas: Document the richness of cultural festivals, parades, or extended celebrations, allowing for a thorough exploration of diverse elements.
Destination Celebrations: Perfect for destination weddings or events, providing ample time to capture the scenic landscapes, candid moments, and overall ambiance.
What's Included
8 Hours On-Site Shooting
High-Quality Edits
400-480 Delivered Photos
4-8 Week Prompt Delivery
Pre-Event In-Depth Consultation
Post-Event Review Consultation
Customizable Packages
Discounted Albums
Price: $2000

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