Extend the Splendor with Our 4-Hour Photography Package!
Unveil the full spectrum of your special occasions with our deluxe 4-hour photography package, designed to capture every nuance and emotion of your event. Whether it's a grand celebration or an extended affair, we are dedicated to crafting a visual narrative that transcends time.
Recommended Events:
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs: Document your children's most special day.
Engagement Parties: Celebrate the biggest beginning of one's forever relationship with photos to last a lifetime.
Cultural Celebrations and Gatherings: Capture the richness of cultural events, parades, or festivals with a photography package that spans the duration of the festivities.
Corporate Conferences: Ensure comprehensive coverage of your corporate event, from keynote speakers to networking sessions, for a comprehensive visual record.
What's Included
4 Hours of On-Site Work
Two-location shooting
High-Quality Edits
200-240 Delivered Photos
Prompt 4-6 Week Delivery 
Customizable Packages 
Online Gallery 
Price: $875

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